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Magic May - Your Reading List for May

Welcome to our May book recommendations! As the days grow longer and warmer, it's the perfect time to dive into some captivating reads. Whether you're relaxing in the sunshine or seeking an escape on a rainy day, our curated list has something for every type of reader. Let's explore the titles that are sure to make this month unforgettable!

Unbound Hearts

A Poetry Collection on Love

by John Monyjok Maluth

In the sun-kissed heart of South Sudan, where the Nile’s ancient waters whispered secrets to the reeds, a tapestry of souls unfolded—a celestial dance of love, courage, and wisdom.

Sweet Realms of Deception

by Pam Ackerson

The FBI had a major shift due to upper echelon decisions, Lizette was assigned to her first undercover position in an office owned by a mafia family.

YUTKA And the Voyage of the Parita

by Marcia Breece

The book is a true story of courage, grief, and love. Rich in historical accuracy and authentic characters, it is an impassioned look into seventeen-year-old Yutka Lipka’s harrowing escape to British Mandate Palestine in 1939, the grisly fate of her family at the hands of the Nazis, and the triumph of Israeli independence.

Dragod Origins: Rising Blood

by E.K. Wiggins

A young boy? A deadly quest? Amazing dragons? A manically wicked and murderous enemy? All of this and more beckon you to join the adventure of "Dragod Origins: Rising Blood" where fear becomes a death-cloaked reality out to destroy the world of Nuwaniqa...

Island Heat

Carolina Series

by Debby Grahl

A chance encounter leads to romance and murder.

A Biker's Parade

The Story of David Matthews

by Christian James

David is on guard duty at a funeral for a fellow soldier. As he looks out at the mourners, he reflects on his life. He thinks back to his earliest childhood memories, his experiences in high school, and the events that led him to join the Navy. He also considers the decisions he's made that he now regrets and seeks forgiveness for. Join David Matthews on his journey as he shares his story in this gripping military fiction tale.

Jane Blake: High Time

book #3

by Kelly Shade

Unveil the electrifying conclusion to the gripping Jane Blake trilogy with "Jane Blake: High Time," the thrilling finale! Prepare yourself for an epic showdown as Jane races against time to unravel the most deeply buried secrets of her past.

Bentley's Fantabulous Idea

Special Edition

by Miki Taylor

This special edition of the best-selling, award-winning book, Bentley's Fantabulous Idea, includes additional coloring pages, an animalicious 2-sided dust jacket on the hardcover, Bentley’s big comma reveal along with a special back cover review from dear friend, TV Personality, Mike Jerrick, Co-Host of Fox 29's Good Day Philadelphia.


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