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Joy Harding


As a new author, I want to say a huge thank you for promoting my books, even though they're from a small hybrid publisher. There are many companies out there willing to take an author's money, but who don't carry through on promises made. Or who send a never-ending stream of 'buy more stuff from us to really get your sales going'. (I am talking 2-3 emails a day)

However, my experience with Bookshelf has been exceptional. Your promotions are well priced, succinct, and successful. You've taken the time to answer my questions, assist me with any problems that have come up, and have made me feel like a valued member of the authors' cadre with professional, beautiful artwork to help me get the word out about my books. I couldn't be more pleased. I also know your website and promotions are increasing my sales. I am profoundly grateful and will continue to make use of your wonderful promos.

Wallace Briggs


There are many companies who offer book promotion services but only one that does it so widely and effectively at such affordable rates. So grateful for the exposure Bookshelf have given to my series of Jimmy Crikey stories.

Lynne M. Spreen


As an indie author, I have been extremely pleased with BooksShelf's staff and services. Their well-organized promos reach a wide audience for a reasonable price, and everyone I've worked with has been friendly, prompt, and professional. A five star rating for BooksShelf.

Diane Wing


Books Shelf is a tremendous find for any author looking to promote themselves and their work. The website is beautifully done, easy to navigate, and extensive in opportunities to upload books, an interview, headshot, and all the links where the books are sold. Unlike other book promotion sites, they don’t require the books be discounted. In the few times I reached out to customer support, they responded the same day, which is rare, and always in a friendly, complete manner. The author page is perfectly produced once all the information is entered and the price of promotions gives a lot of value for the price. Thank you, Books Shelf, for helping me get my work into the public eye!

Sylvia Greif


I was very happy with the services provided by Books Shelf.
As a first-time author it can get very challenging and we know that finishing a book is only part of the battle.
Books Shelf took the time to patiently answer all of my questions, they showed interest and gave attention to little details.
They also offer different promotional options, depending on what you want.
You should absolutely try them out!

Donald Firesmith


I'm proud to have an official, five-star BooksShelf review of my most recent book, Hell Holes 4: A Slave's Revenge. It is also great to be a BooksShelf author with my own webpage on their website.

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