Amazon Marketing 

  • With each order, you'll receive a customized plan on how to implement any changes and adjustments to your AMS campaign/s, so you get the best results.

  • Each Service is custom for each writer, there are no generic keywords, descriptions, blurbs, etc. We make a personal plan for everyone who orders, carefully done depending on the book, author, etc. 

>>> Before we start working on your order we will need you to provide some info – we’ll contact you with the questions after your order.

  • If you have any questions – feel free to contact us before you order!  

Amazon Campaign Keywords


custom keywords* for your book



custom keywords* for your book




custom keywords* for your book



*Including Statistics for each keyword such as Average monthly earnings, # of Amazon searches, etc.

Complete Amazon Campaign Creation

  • 300 keywords

  • Adjusting bids

  • Weekly Management 

  • Advice on Suitable blurb and description 

  • Featured Spot on BooksShelf


More AMS help packages are Coming Soon