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Book Of The Week

You want the BEST exposure for your BOOK?
Well, it doesn't get better than our
Book Of The Week

Here is what you can expect from purchasing a WHOLE NEWSLETTER CAMPAIGN just for your book:

1. Your main book (first rectangle on the top) ->
2. Your photo, name, short biography and links to your Social Media and Website (if you have one)
3. We'll feature your other books (up to 4 other titles)
4. Special feature of your interview + link to it on our website

All the links to your books will lead directly to your books' Amazon link - all interested readers will be able to purchase your book/s RIGHT AWAY!
The links that will lead to our website are your Author profile and Author interview.

Click the button below and reserve your spot. We'll contact you with more information about the exact date we will feature your work.



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