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There Was Nothing I Could Do

Alex Craigie

Alex Craigie

People don’t understand.
It’s stupid to judge someone on their looks.
Just because I’m pretty and have blonde hair doesn’t mean I’m dumb. I make no apology for taking care of myself. I use creams to keep my skin in good condition and choose my make-up to give as flattering a result as possible.

The Story

Shem Shmentov

Shem Shmentov

The pages of Edgar Alfred Pennyworth’s favorite books possessed more girth than the bulwarks of my furnished flat. Oh, dear me, I’m not complaining. One can’t expect much more at $11 per week for rent.
Edgar’s laughter waltzed down the hall.

Good Old Mavis

CB Lyall

CB Lyall

Mavis breathed in the smell of daffodils from the planters, then pressed the button on the Sunshine Nursing Home's intercom.
"Mavis Bradley to see Gloria Tomes," she said into the metal box. A buzz, a click, and the door opened.
"Good Morning, Mrs. Bradley." Susan's bright welcome sounded above the piped music. "You know the routine."
Mavis pushed her handbag up her arm and signed the official record of her visit.

Interviews with our Authors

When did you start writing?

Back in 2019.  I wrote a non-fiction book in Spanish, called "El bien hacer"-something like "Doing right" about some thoughts, reflections, and experiences of life.  It was not translated into English yet.

Esteban Corio

Esteban Corio

When did you start writing?

I remember my mother laughing when I was six because I'd written a short story that had the baddie dismissed with the words You're Fired.  When I was at Junior school they put on a play I'd written in rhyming couplets. I had to change Rupert's companion to a less fancy Sam to aid the rhyming process.

Alex Craigie

Alex Craigie

When did you start writing?

I was always creative, but my first memorable writing moment was in the 5th grade when I entered a schoolwide writing contest. I worked for days with the promise of one day being published. When my story was complete at 25 typed pages, I gleefully handed it in to my librarian...

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