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Magic May

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Bentley's Fantabulous Idea


Miki Taylor

This special edition of the best-selling, award winning book, Bentley's Fantabulous Idea, includes additional coloring pages, an animalicious 2-sided dust jacket on the hardcover, Bentley’s big comma reveal along with a special back cover review from dear friend, TV Personality, Mike Jerrick, Co-Host of Fox 29's Good Day Philadelphia.


This super duper wowie cool animalistic book has already won 25 prestigious book awards since publication including Outstanding Creators 2023 Children's Book of the Year!!


Embark on a mesmerizing journey that blends whimsy, wisdom, and wonder!


This enchanting picture book is not just a read-it's an experience. Your child will be transported into a kaleidoscopic world filled with awe-inspiring adventures, as they join Bentley, Betty, and the charismatic Mr. Bee in a quest that's far more than child's play.


The interactive segments, ingeniously woven into the narrative, don't just reinforce these life-altering concepts; they serve as cognitive playgrounds, encouraging critical thinking and collaboration. So as your child grins ecstatically, understand that they're not just amused-they're empowered, absorbing vital life skills that extend far beyond the magical realm they've explored.


Don't just read a book; venture into a vibrant universe of endless possibilities. Let "Bentley's Fantabulous Idea" be the passport to your child's limitless imagination, where learning is as delightful and "easy peasy" as posing and grinning a little cheesy!


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