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Amazing books for your Children

Embarking on a literary journey through the pages of children's books opens a gateway to worlds of wonder, lessons of life, and the boundless stretches of imagination. The following collection of children's literature has been carefully curated to cater to young readers' diverse interests, ranging from magical adventures and historical explorations to tales of friendship, courage, and discovery. Each book in this compilation not only seeks to entertain but also to educate and inspire, fostering a love for reading that can last a lifetime. Whether it's the whimsical journey of a young wizard, the heartfelt story of a courageous animal friend, or the intricate depiction of a pivotal moment in history, these books promise to engage the minds and hearts of children, sparking curiosity and encouraging empathy. Join us as we delve into this selection, each book a treasure trove of stories waiting to unfold, destined to become cherished companions in the adventures of childhood and beyond.

The Adventures of Jimmy Crikey


by Wallace E Briggs

The seventh stand- alone adventure on the series about Jimmy Crikey, the orphaned alien who chose to make his life on Earth, is not magical, but he has unique skills that come in useful when his family of friends in Roombelow need help.

Roombelow is suffering from the aftereffects of the rock-chewing Scarab beatles that undermined the town and the world of the Diamites, and even the water-world of the Aquamites is crumbling.

Unexpectedly, a hole appeared in the centre of the Aquamites’ Emerald Lake. Not only does the lake begin to empty, but thirty Aquamites have been swept away in the flow and end up in the lake belonging to the Tritians.

Rescue cannot come soon enough because the Tritians live in a radioactive environment that poisons the young Aquamites, and Jimmy’s close friend Annison is seriously in trouble.

Jimmy organises for the young Aquamites to be rescued by his technologically advanced home race in the star world of Attalia. Twenty-eight Aquamites were saved, but one was beyond help. To Jimmy’s dismay, Annison refused treatment until all her friends had been treated. As a result, the Attalians could not save her. Annison slipped into a coma from which they could not revive her.

Is Annison doomed to a living death, or can Jimmy call upon aid from a higher authority?

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A Bell for Maury's Bicycle

by David Maurice Sharp

Introducing children to financial literacy at an early age can start them on a path that will serve them well throughout their lives. A Bell for Maury’s Bicycle is an age-appropriate and fun introduction to some basic financial concepts for young readers and soon-to-be-readers. Follow along as Maury learns the value of buying something he wants, has the patience to wait for it, and finds clever ways to save for his goal.

A Bell for Maury's Bicycle won a 2023 Royal Dragonfly Book Award in the Picture Books 6 & Older category. The contest is a worldwide book competition that honors excellence in all types of literature, recognizing creativity and hard work in 67 categories.

The Land of Hearts

by Antwinette Scott

Heartwarming Journey to Wholeness and Healing

"The Land of Hearts" by Antwinette Scott, is a true gem.

The story follows a cast of endearing characters, each representing a different aspect of the human experience.

The story centers around Wise-Heart, Sick-Heart, Broken-Heart, and their companions as they embark on a journey to meet the King-of-Hearts in the Great City. The author has ingeniously woven together a tale that feels both whimsical and deeply allegorical. These characters mirror our own experiences and emotions, making their journey all the more relatable.

As they traverse through Heartland, they encounter various hearts, each with their own struggles and desires. Brave-Heart, Faithful-Heart, and their companions show friendship and courage, standing up against the challenges that Naughty-Heart and his crew present. It's this battle of hearts that highlights the contrasting forces of negativity and positivity we often encounter in life.

The author's ability to infuse such profound themes into a heartwarming and accessible narrative is lovely. Not to mention, the artwork on every single page is absolutely gorgeous. The King-of-Hearts interacts with each heart, addressing their specific needs with love and understanding. These moments are a wonderful reminder to kids and adults alike that healing is possible, and that there is hope for transformation, no matter how broken or lost we may feel.

Felipe the Feeling Frog

Caring Critters

by Zeba McGibbon

Walk around the neighborhood with Felipe the Feeling Frog, who learns that there is no such thing as a bad feeling! In this kid-friendly social and emotional learning book, children will learn different strategies for regulating emotions and identifying their feelings.

In Felipe the Feeling Frog, Felipe learns that there are easy feelings and there are hard feelings. Felipe and the other Caring Critters display different emotions of sad, happy, angry, frustrated, excited, and lonely. These characters then model different emotional regulation skills. At the end of the book, there is a list of strategies to support children in transferring these skills to their own regulating emotion skills.

Felipe the Feeling Frog is from the Caring Critters series! These social and emotional learning books are designed to support children ages 4-7 with important social and emotional skills, such as kindness, impulse control, problem-solving, independence, etc. These books were all written by a kindergarten teacher after seeing exactly what skills her students needed help learning. They have been helping her students for years with great success!

Happy reading! 📚✨

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