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The Adventures of Jimmy Crikey

Book 1

The Amazing Adventures of Jimmy Crikey

The Amazing Adventures of Jimmy Crikey

Jimmy has a bright red mop of hair, big blue eyes, a snub nose, pointed ears and ee-nor-mous feet. Bullied because of his appearance he decides to run away to seek a place where he could fit in. In his flight, he discovers an underground world.

He rescues Roombelow from the curse of a sleeping spell, cast by Matilda, the Witch who forgot how to laugh and is taken in by Mr McDonald, the Mayor. Witch Matilda and Gemma, the little lady who lives at the bottom of the well, but doesn’t know how she got there, become Jimmy’s closest friends.

When floods threaten, he locates the sleeping Weather Man. The torrential rain is turned off and Roombelow is saved.

When the well runs dry Jimmy and Gemma find Olsen the giant eel. His body had plugged the spring that fills the well. Olsen is returned to the sea and water is restored.

Jimmy returns to the upper world to visit Aunt Ethel. She explains Jimmy’s origins and shows him the hidden starship which could whisk him back to his birth planet of Attalia. But, Jimmy chooses to return to his friends in Roombelow.

After a spell of freezing weather Jimmy pits his wits against Erg, chief of the one-eyed trolls. Using his recently discovered powers and with the assistance of the Weatherman, he restores peace.

Jimmy discovers the cliff-side world of the Diamonites, the little people that Gemma became separated from long ago. The friends are drawn even closer together by the similarities in their circumstances. Both are separated from their own worlds and yet have found happiness in Roombelow.

Book 2

The Adventures of Jimmy Crikey in the Sky Islands (and beyond)

The Adventures of Jimmy Crikey in the Sky Islands (and beyond)

This stand-alone story is the second in the series of Jimmy Crikey's adventures.

Jimmy Crikey is the orphan alien brought up by a loving ‘aunt’ who lived on the edge of the forest close to Esh Village.

Once bullied beyond endurance because of his strange appearance, Jimmy ran away, searching for a place where he could fit in. He found himself in the town of Roombelow, where Jimmy developed his abilities to protect his new home from the dangers that threatened. Jimmy chose to remain on Earth with his new family of friends, which included Gemma, the little lady he found at the bottom of the well but didn't know how she got there. The four witch guardians became an integral part of his life, as did Lord Oron, the Weatherman who roamed the world in his cloud.

Far above Earth, a war-like, galactic race of Zyrons invade the Sky Islands.

It needs Earth's four witches, Lord Oron the ancient Weatherman and the developing magic of the tiny apprentice witch, Jade, to overcome the invaders, with a bit of help from Jimmy Crikey and XRU. the talkative portable computer and starship navigator

The combined forces on the Weatherman, the apprentice witch Jade, Jimmy and the warriors of the Sky Islands manage to repel the Zyrons, but in the process, the Weatherman disappears.

The four Earthbound witches unite to search for him throughout the Solar System in Jimmy's starship.

Their search takes them to the hidden caverns of Mars, where stick-like beings called Ropians live below the barren planet's surface.

The Ropians become an interplanetary threat when their need for water threatens Earth. They have entrapped the Weatherman to help bring them rain.

The supernatural forces of the four witches, the wisdom of the Weatherman, the knowledge of Jimmy and XRU combine to challenge the threat the Ropians pose.

Only success in their challenge will assure freedom for the Weatherman.

Book 3

Jimmy Crikey's Adventures in Parallel Worlds

Jimmy Crikey's Adventures in Parallel Worlds

Earth is invaded by an alien species of omnivorous worm, the like of which no one has encountered before. The four guardian witches of Earth are powerless against the alien organism. It falls to Jimmy to seek the help of his technologically advanced friends on Attalia, his home planet in a different dimension. Jimmy may be an orphan, but he has friends on both sides of the universe. Jade, the apprentice witch, joins Jimmy on his quest by becoming a stow-away on Jimmy's starship but unfortunately, they are attacked en-route, in another dimension of space, by more worms. In a touch and go drama they are rescued and recovered to the safety of Attalia where President Alpha calls upon his scientists to formulate a solution to solve the threat not only to Earth and its inhabitants but to any civilisation in any part of the universe.
They arrive at a plausible counterattack strategy, and it is in Jimmy's hands to deliver salvation, or die in the attempt.
Their strategy is complicated by the Wormz abilities to bore into adjacent parallel worlds and their ability to bore into their chasers. Jade becomes infected and needs the advanced technical assistance of the Attalian scientists to save her life.

The team cannot fail at the last hurdle. Will Jade recover in time to apply her special skills to help rid the world of Wormz?

Book 4

The Adventures of JImmy Crikey: The Emerald Lake

The Adventures of JImmy Crikey: The Emerald Lake

This is a stand-alone, fourth in series, of the adventures of Jimmy Crikey, the alien orphan who, despite cruel bullying, decided to make his home on Earth. He numbers among his friends the four witch guardians of Earth’s realms and the ancient Lord Oron, aka The Weatherman.

The underground Emerald Lake, home of the Aquamites, isinvaded by a flesh-eating, fire-breathing serpent, which is impervious to the magic of the four guardian witches. Matilda, the chief witch, asks for Jimmy’s assistance.

Jimmy accompanies Elwinn, witch guardian of everything associated with water, to visit the Lake. They arrive at a plausible plan to capture the serpents in a spider’s web net.

Their strategy is complicated because Jimmy cannot breathe underwater unless included in Elwinn’s bubble. Several of the strongest young Aquamites agree to act as live bait to entice the serpents into a lake in an extinct volcano’s caldera.

Once the serpents are lured into the volcano’s lake Jimmy, with the help of his starship SR3 and XRU, the intelligent computer/navigator, will trap the reptiles in a spiders web net, ready to drag the creatures into the cold depths of deep space.

Jimmy’s heart is captured at first sight of Annison, a young, golden-headed Aquamite who is also the daughter of Milton, the leader of the tribe. There is nothing more intense than a young man’s first love.

During the operation to rid the Aquamite’s world of serpents, Annison is seriously injured when one serpent takes a bite out of her lower tail. She is dying from the loss of blood. The witches do not have the power to help. There is no time to get her to Jimmy’s home plane of Attalia for advanced surgery.

All appears lost until Lord Oron reveals his real identity. Lord Oron is one of the Lords who serve the all-powerful Master. The Master could save Annison, but he refuses to bring a subject back to life from the dead. Can Lord Oron persuade the Master to intervene and save the life of Jimmy’s first love, Annison?

Book 5

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Wallace E Briggs


Long retired from a career in technical sales and marketing I am now an Amazon self published author of predominantly children's MG books.

Born in the NE of England I first met my wife to be at the age of eleven. A year later my family moved to another village 5 miles distant. We did not recognise each other when we met again aged seventeen but the attraction was instant and lasts to this day after marrying at the age of twent one.

Employment was responsible for moving the family (two boys) first to East Sussex for a decade and then to Hampshire for a further ten years before the company moved to the NW of England where we have now lived on the edge of a beautiful rural Lancashire town for over eighteen years.

Jimmy Crikey the hero of my series of children's books was born on the beach during a damp holiday in Great Yarmouth, to entertain my son ans his new found friend for an hours or so, during showers. THirty years later he was committed to the printed page, and continues to flourish from time to time.




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