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The Adventures of Jimmy Crikey in the Sky Islands (and beyond)

The Adventures of Jimmy Crikey in the Sky Islands (and beyond)


Wallace E Briggs


Fiction, Children's Books, Fantasy, Action and Adventure

Publish Date

May 1, 2021

Short Description

Once free from the bullies Jimmy Crikey, the orphan alien blossoms into a brave defender of his new homeland. He teams up with Earth’s four witches, Lord Oron the Weatherman, the apprentice witch Jade, and the warriors of the Sky Islands, to repel the Zyrons, a galactic race of aggressors, but in the process, the Weatherman disappears. The team reunite to recover Lord Oron from the depths of Mars.


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This stand-alone story is the second in the series of Jimmy Crikey's adventures.

Jimmy Crikey is the orphan alien brought up by a loving ‘aunt’ who lived on the edge of the forest close to Esh Village.

Once bullied beyond endurance because of his strange appearance, Jimmy ran away, searching for a place where he could fit in. He found himself in the town of Roombelow, where Jimmy developed his abilities to protect his new home from the dangers that threatened. Jimmy chose to remain on Earth with his new family of friends, which included Gemma, the little lady he found at the bottom of the well but didn't know how she got there. The four witch guardians became an integral part of his life, as did Lord Oron, the Weatherman who roamed the world in his cloud.

Far above Earth, a war-like, galactic race of Zyrons invade the Sky Islands.

It needs Earth's four witches, Lord Oron the ancient Weatherman and the developing magic of the tiny apprentice witch, Jade, to overcome the invaders, with a bit of help from Jimmy Crikey and XRU. the talkative portable computer and starship navigator

The combined forces on the Weatherman, the apprentice witch Jade, Jimmy and the warriors of the Sky Islands manage to repel the Zyrons, but in the process, the Weatherman disappears.

The four Earthbound witches unite to search for him throughout the Solar System in Jimmy's starship.

Their search takes them to the hidden caverns of Mars, where stick-like beings called Ropians live below the barren planet's surface.

The Ropians become an interplanetary threat when their need for water threatens Earth. They have entrapped the Weatherman to help bring them rain.

The supernatural forces of the four witches, the wisdom of the Weatherman, the knowledge of Jimmy and XRU combine to challenge the threat the Ropians pose.

Only success in their challenge will assure freedom for the Weatherman.

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Wallace E Briggs

Wallace E Briggs


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