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Must-Read Novels to Ignite Your Passion this February

February, the month of love, inspires a diverse reading list. Our selection spans all genres, blending romantic tales with thrilling mysteries, innovative science fiction, and insightful non-fiction. Perfect for Valentine's Day and beyond, these books offer something for every reader, uniting the warmth of love with the thrill of varied storytelling.

Camel from Kyzylkum

A Memoir of My Life Journey

by Lara Gelya

Camel from Kyzylkum, an award-winning book, is a memoir about immigration, family, and the late twentieth century. It touches on themes of hope, struggles, and loss, and shares the inspiration for reaching again and again for a better life. A compelling testament to people’s choices over time, it focuses on freedom and self-determination, no matter how much work and risk are involved.

Highland Conquest

Book #1 of the Sons of Sinclair series

by Heather McCollum

16th century Highland Warriors. Four brothers are raised by a warlord father to be the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Conquest, War, Justice, and Death. Each brother meets a fiery woman who challenges everything they’ve been taught to believe.


Highland Conquest – Cain was raised as the Horseman of Conquest. His whole life is about taking. But love is all about giving. If he wants to obtain the greatest prize of all, he must give up everything.

Jane Blake: High Time

by Kelly Shade

Unveil the electrifying conclusion to the gripping Jane Blake trilogy with "Jane Blake: High Time," the thrilling finale! Prepare yourself for an epic showdown as Jane races against time to unravel the most deeply buried secrets of her past.

Jane is a master of deception and mind games, but in this riveting conclusion, she'll encounter someone who challenges her like never before.

Join Jane as she confronts her inner demons and a host of formidable adversaries while racing against the clock to unearth the truth. This is a tale that will keep you perched on the edge of your seat, eagerly turning pages until the very last word.

Embrace The Lace

by Shannon MacLeod

Dive into an enchanting adventure with Embrace The Lace! This light-hearted romance will transport you to 17th-century Scotland, where a free-spirited 21st-century heroine brings love & laughter to a stressed-out laird's life - with a little help from the Fae!

Coming Attractions

by Mark R. Hunter

In a dark drive-in movie theater Maddie McKinley climbs into the wrong van, and is tackled by the father of the kids inside. Embarrassed about roughing her up, Logan Chandler is also intrigued by the beautiful woman from Boston, who arrived alone at the movies in an expensive dress. But he's the leader battling to save the drive-in from developers--and she's been sent to make sure it's torn down.

Morgen of Avalon: Dreamspell 1

by Carol J. Weakland

She was King Arthur's Healer

His Love,

the Fairy Queen destined to help him create a peaceful Britannia.

Happy reading! 📚✨

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