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Morgen of Avalon: Dreamspell 1

Morgen of Avalon: Dreamspell 1


Carol J Weakland



Publish Date

June 11, 2011

Short Description

She was King Arthur's Healer

His Love,

the Fairy Queen destined to help him create a peaceful Britannia.



The Winner

Book's Awards


Dreamspell is the first in a trilogy of Romantic Fantasy Novels that present Morgen and Arthur as Soul Mates who combine the magic of Avalon with the solidity of Excalibur's conviction. Morgen is a Fairy Queen who becomes human so she can be close to Arthur and ultimately help him achieve peace as High King. Mortality proves a double edged sword that separates them. Morgen's mischevous nature is misunderstood at court and ultimately lands her in a nunnery. When the nun's threaten to cut her hair, Morgen claims her magical powers and sets herself free.


Somehow, Morgen must learn how to work with Avalon and Camelot, blend the magic with reality to achieve her Divine purpose. Merlin, the enchanter is the perfect teacher to help her do just that. In fact, the two become so absorbed in metaphysics that everything else falls away and the two find themselves deeply in love with each other.


Increasingly troubled by this heady romance, Arthur arranges a possible match for her with Petty King Urien of North Wales. This news spirals Morgen into the depths of dispair. She confronts Arthur, which spurs memories of what they truly mean to each other. All this is happening while enemy forces are moving against Britannia. Arthur is catapulted back into war.


When Merlin is taken from Arthur's side, Morgen steps in and wields the magic of Avalon to help him win the day. This brings Morgen and Arthur closer together and passion increases between them. As the battle for Britannia increases its fury, Morgen must decide if she is strong enough to help Arthur unite Briton and Saxon. Will true love conquer all?

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Carol J Weakland

Carol J Weakland


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