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Dragod Origins; Rising Blood

Dragod Origins; Rising Blood


E.K. Wiggins


Fiction, Fantasy, Action and Adventure

Publish Date

December 21, 2023

Short Description

A young boy? A deadly quest? Amazing dragons? A manically wicked and murderous enemy? All of this and more beckon you to join the adventure of "Dragod Origins: Rising Blood" where fear becomes a death-cloaked reality out to destroy the world of Nuwaniqa...


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Tomeric Varoc desires little in life; less tedious chores, more time to catch dragon pups for battling and to never face his mortal fear, the Muroconi, ever. Too often young Tomeric imagines having an encounter with one, brushing it under the rug to live his humdrum life instead; but little does he know that fate would say otherwise… Rumors spread across the lands, eventually transpiring into horrifying fact; the Muroconi are rising against Nuwaniqa. The one enemy capable of bringing the world to its knees in a blanket of fear and bloodshed is the exact one that Tomeric despises. He never wanted any of this… no one did; but there’s no escape. Tomeric lives life fearful and far away from the Muroconi, but now every move he makes seems to bring him closer to them and their deathly appetites. Soon he will be forced to make a decision; embark on his most deadliest quest to confront and kill the most powerful Muroconi in existence or surrender his own life, and all of Nuwaniqa, to the enemy. With the threat of an ages-old evil confronting his world, Tomeric must face the most trying moment of his young life, one where survival is far from guaranteed and the hope of living straddles the line between desire and destiny.

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E.K. Wiggins

E.K. Wiggins


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