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What do the readers love? Most popular book genres 2021

If you want to be successful as an author, you will have to always look for ways to increase your popularity. This can happen through advertisements through blogs and social media accounts. Doing these things will greatly increase your chances of getting noticed, but sometimes, it may not be enough. There are things that can not be helped by ads. Your book might not be found interesting by readers. This does not mean that you are not good at writing. It can happen because of your book's genre. There are genres that have become boring for readers nowadays, because of their predictability and washed away scenarios. If you want to try and bring more new readers to your audience, you should try writing in a genre that is more popular among book lovers.

But how can we find which are the genres that people love the most?

There are many sources from which you can acquire this information. You can find a lot about popular genres by browsing blogs related to books, you can read about them in magazines, you can see them in front of the book stores. You can also make a survey with your fans, asking them directly which is their favorite genre. You can also read about them in this article right here.

Children's fiction

This is probably the most readable genre in the whole world. It is read not only by little kids but by their parents as most of the children can't read by themselves. Sometimes these stories become so iconic that they get translated into a wide variety of languages and spread across the globe. They get changed in the process, but the main idea actually remains the same. This genre has its limits, though. You can't expect children to understand everything that you want to tell through your writing, but you can leave a message for both child and parent that have bought your book.

Horror fiction

It may come as a surprise, but people actually love to read things that make them question themselves before they go to bed. Reading about serial killers or terrible monsters is not exactly one of the nicest experiences that you might think of, but is found pretty interesting by readers as stats show. Writing horror fiction is easier said than done. Everyone can create a monstrous character, but it is not an easy job to make that character one that exhales fear with his existence. If you want to write a book like this and feel confident about your abilities, then don't hesitate and grab your pen.


There always comes a time in people's lives when they imagine themselves in a romantic story. Life is not always kind enough to everyone and romantic stories happen rarely, but readers do seem to enjoy reading about fictional love stories between characters that don't even exist. Strange way of feeling happiness, isn't it? Writing a romantic book is also pretty hard because most of the stories that you can think of have already been written in million other books. If you want to be the author of a book like this, you should try your best to avoid cliches. Do this and you are almost guaranteed success with this book of yours.

Inspirational books

Nowadays it is pretty common to see people writing books to motivate other people to succeed. This sounds pretty noble at first, but if you get a few of these books at your hands you will notice something. Most of these inspirational books are being written by people who have never actually experienced success themselves before. "But how can a person who knows nothing about success motivate me to become successful myself" you may ask yourselves. Well, the answer is pretty simple, he cannot. Authors like that only do it for the money, if you buy one of their books, you can consider yourself scammed. If you want to inspire people, only do it if you know that you can be an example for them, do not just write pages full of nonsense. Trying to rob your readers off of their money is not something you would like to do when you are on the path of becoming successful.

Does writing in popular genres actually matters that much?

As long as you are happy with your books, trends should not really concern you. When you are very good at something and put all of your efforts in, you cannot fail. You shouldn't let the trends change you, you should change the trends. To do this you have to believe in yourself and your abilities, work hard and remember, if you never give up and follow your dreams, you will achieve them.

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2 comentarios

C. Lee McKenzie
C. Lee McKenzie
10 nov 2021

I write for young kids when my contemporary/realistic Young Adult books start to weigh me down. I don't think I could write something just because it's popular. I have limited ability, I guess. I did try my hand at romance once. Total fail. :-)

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Cy Young
29 oct 2021

Thanks. I am a multi-genre author currently focusing in the area of mystery/suspense, but I now have a book I'm promoting called "The Boy From Nain" (Christian), "Onions," (y.a.), "Deathload," (thriller), "Herman," (humor), and am launching a trilogy, "Kicker," (mystery/suspense).

Me gusta
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