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How to smart self-publish on Amazon?

Hello Authors and Authors to be!In this article, we will give you some tips on how to publish your book on Amazon that appeals to the readers. We understand that all of the authors want to have more sales, to get good reviews and all of you guys are writing amazing stories… but there is a bit more to it. To go to the top you need to do several things even before marketing and advertising.Let’s start from the beginning. You’ve written a novel or a short story or nonfiction. That’s awesome! Now what?

EDITING First, you HAVE TO do the EDITING. We know, editors are kind of expensive, but… we can’t live without them.  When you’re ready to hire an editor, do your research. There are a lot of people pretending that they have degrees and what not but in fact, they are scammers. Believe us when we tell you, you better spend more money on one qualified editor instead of spending double on scammers who will mess up your book.


So, you did the editing, now your masterpiece is free of all kinds of typos and errors. Awesome! The next step is formatting. Again, hire someone who knows what to do. Let him/her take their time and format your book beautifully, especially the paperback. The ebook version is a bit tricky because Amazon has their guidelines and requirements but the paperback is a whole different story – you can go wild with it! Make it unforgettable!


Now you did half the work. What comes next? Book cover! Hire someone to do it for you. The few bucks that you’ll save by doing it yourself are not worth it! The book cover is the first impression of your book – make it perfect. Think about it carefully, ask a professional for advice, capture your story in it,  “paint” your book through it – do it as magnificent as you can. And pay someone to fulfill your wish!


You’ve done an amazing job till now! Bravo! You’ve uploaded your book on Amazon and it’s the turn of the description. Don’t be sloppy on it. You’ve done so much writing, so much work… don’t waste all the effort- write a full description. Wait for your muse to come and then write an exciting description which says a lot and nothing at the same time. Make the readers eager to pick up your book.

Author’s Profile

You’ve done it! Last step! Create an Author’s Page. Write an interesting but not very long autobiography. Upload a PHOTO! A photo that describes you as an author! Do you want to make a reputation as a serious writer? Publish a suitable photo! Do you want to be accepted as an author with a sense of humor? Publish a suitable photo! Do you want to be mysterious, funny, charming, warm-hearted….? Publish a suitable photo!Well, you’ve done it! You’ve published a book! What comes next? Just sit back, relax and wait for the sales to start rising and the cash to start flowing into your bank account?  Well, no. The last and most exhausting part – advertising, creating a fan base, marketing, developing of social media accounts… Fun stuff.But in the end it’s all worth it!Best of luck to all of you!If you need any help with the stages of publishing, you can always contact us. If you liked this article, please support us with THUMBS UP and follow us on social media:

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