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Author tips on writing a novel

We - at believe that everyone has the ability to write a novel. And we realize that inspiration plays a crucial part, but it is not enough to write the novel you are dreaming of. That is why our goal today is to walk you through some of the most important and widely used techniques and author tips that will help you kick of writing.

So, let's jump in!

First of all, keep this in mind - a writer can write anywhere! Therefore, you have to establish your writing space and you should never use the excuse that you don't have a place to write. Along with that assemble your writing tools and even make a list of what you are going to need so that you won't get distracted once you sit down to write.

Indeed writing a book starts with inspiration, and in the very beginning, we have millions of ideas in our heads. Thus, if you are struggling to choose the best one for your book then just stick to the one that you are most passionate about right now. Choosing an idea that you would most want to read about will help you stay on track . Also, make sure the idea you have chosen has a conflict, that will drive the plot and easily will secure you 50 000 - 75 000- 100 000 words. Consider setting a measurable deadline. Choosing a deadline will help you push your limits and motivate you to write every day until you reach your goal and complete your novel. You can set your deadline correctly once you determine how many pages your book is going to consist of and then when you start writing you will realize how many pages you can produce per day. Also, you can set a target of word amount that you have to accomplish each day and you can use color-coding on your computer for each day.

Don't hesitate to read other writers or different genres, as this will help you find your writing style and voice, and also you will get an idea of how to build tension in your book. Also, it is imperative for you as a writer to conduct research, because the fiction needs to be believable. It is true that the main course in the book is the story and not the research, however, be sure that the reader will notice if you miss or have the wrong information. Therefore make sure that your research is right, and remember it will give specificity and credibility to your story. Once you have your first draft completed - it is time for editing. Even if you find the first draft of your book not good enough, maybe it lacks details, or the storyline so far is too vague - just embrace it and move on writing. One of the most common mistakes the new writers make is to edit while writing. Going back and editing your paragraphs will make you sick and tired of them, so try to avoid reading what you wrote and push through until you complete your draft. Don't forget that there are people like you, who can give you a lot of support and motivation. You can join a writing group or attend a writing class and this can be the place where you can ask questions and share tips and resources with others. It is always easier when you know that out there, you can find someone who can help you when you lose your focus on writing.

Listen to your inner self and take creative breaks when you need them. Writing a book is a process that requires inspiration and creativity, which is not something that you can plan. So, find something different that will help you to refresh your mind and get you back on track. Going for a walk in the park or just popping up to the nearest coffee shop will distract your mind. Something as simple as walking can work wonders for you. Remember- don't give up and when the time comes- celebrate! Writing can be a long and daunting process sometimes, and you might feel like quitting numerous times, but just stick to your idea and find the determination to finish your book. Take the time to enjoy the completion of each draft of your novel. Allow yourself to celebrate and relish every moment of the process that you have pushed through.

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