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Nancy Weston

About The Author

As far back as I have memory, I have written. It was my way of processing life, experience, obstacles and understanding the people in my life. I'd write something, uncensored, raw and then set it aside for a few days, pick it up again and be flooded with new perceptions about everything, especially me.

I grew up angry and confused, but still I wrote. I stumbled a bit, made mistakes, processing and eventually I began to learn about myself in the world. I worked, put myself through college and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Management. Because I worked my way, I graduated with a wealth of experience from the ground up in a variety of jobs and businesses. It was well worth it!


I enjoyed a successful career as an executive in the medical device industry, met many amazing individuals and had many adventures on a global basis. Always, along the way, writing has been my passion and outlet as well as a tool in my business.  I have always known first and foremost - I am a writer.  Now retired, I can devote myself to this part of being, this need in my soul, this joy!


Someone said, it is a shame I didn't start writing full time when I was young. I thought and responded, "When I was young, I was a writer, but I didn't have the stories, the wealthy of experience, I hadn't met the wonderful characters that people my books." I might have become an author earlier, but I wouldn't have had the library to draw from. I believe life is perfect. Perfect for each one of us and although it can be difficult it can also be wonderful. All things in the perfect season to bring out the best in each one of us.


I am still processing, learning. If all goes well, I will continue until the day I die. I hope you are a fan. If not, I hope you will give my books a read. Perhaps you will enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them! I hope to meet you, between the pages of one of my books.



Nancy Weston


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Ice in the Guise of Fire
Valley of Shadows
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