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Valley of Shadows

Valley of Shadows

Journey Through Alzheimer's Bleak Landscape


Nancy Weston


Nonfiction, Biography / Memoir

Publish Date

August 31, 2019

Short Description

A close but complicated relationship between the author and her mother is put to the ultimate test when Alzheimer’s sets in to rob them both of a happy ending.

This is a memoir of love, courage and mercy that any caregiver should read to know they are not alone and in the darkest of hours, there is a fragile but resilient hope for tomorrow.


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Mary lives with her daughter, Nancy. One night, Mary falls and the result is a broken hip. Mother and daughter brave the consequences of this accident with courage and undaunted by the struggle ahead. But neither one realizes the horror that will accompany the recovery.


Once on the journey, there is no turning back and no escape for either one of them. This is a tragic story but it is also a story of love, courage and hope. It is a love letter written to the care givers of this dibilitating disease. If you have a loved one going through this - as so many of us do or will have, then this is an absolute must read.


Mis. Weston is delighted to make this story available to memory care programs. Please contact her directly to make arrangements for volume delivery or sharing this story in person!

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Nancy Weston

Nancy Weston


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