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The Cruelty of Swallows

The Cruelty of Swallows

A Story of Life, Loss and Love


Nancy Weston



Publish Date

November 18, 2022

Short Description

McKinzie Jamison is bright and determined. She falls in love with semiconductors early on and takes a front row seat in the evolution of the digital age of high technology. She also finds her perfect mate. But this world comes completely and utterly apart because of random chance. Her journey through tragedy is where this book story kicks into high gear. Through her experience we are confronted with relationships in a complex worlld, the struggle to maintain balance and the secret dialogue we all have with ourselves about life and death.



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McKinsey is fascinated by the amazing things that can be wrought from etching, and coating chemicals onto thin highly polished circular wafers of silicon. A scientist at heart, "Kinsey" comprehends how alternatively charged patterns, invisible to the naked eye can allow complicated movements of electrons to perform the functions of circuitry that used to take a room full of tubes, switches and wires. Even before she has the engineering background, she is eager to participate in the realities that were once the purview of fiction writers.


While the analogue world is moving at light speed toward the digital cyberworld, Kinzie dreams of a career uniting real science with fantasy and Industrial Light and Magic with her soul mate, Tom. Tom has no sophisticated education but he has a playful and creative soul coupled with intuitive understanding of polymer formation. Together they set out to make their sizable dreams a reality.


Kinzie's career path takes them from southern California to the Bay Area and back to Tom's family where he was born and raised. This seems like a good idea until Kenzie begins to realize that it may be his family Tom sought to escape when he relocated south.


Nonetheless, it seems they are following their stars to get just what they hope for -when instead, everything is lost in one tragic night and the unraveling aftermath.


Overwhelmed and unsure how to proceed, or if she wants to, Kenzie moves south to the small town on the coast, San Juan Capistrano. There she encounters the returning swallows and the confined anger and pain she has locked up inside her broken heart.


She has much to learn and some willing teachers to help her along. For McKenzie Jamison it is in the process of surviving tragedy that she truly finds herself, a life she loves a future she can embrace without fear . You’ll find her journey gripping and uplifting.

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Nancy Weston

Nancy Weston


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