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José F. Nodar

About The Author

José F. Nodar was born in La Habana, Cuba.


He grew up in a middle-class neighbourhood until the Cuban Revolution of 1959 threw a spanner into his happy life.


His parents heard a story that children under the age of eleven were to be sent to Russia for ‘indoctrination.’ This rumour was untrue, but it was believed to have been incited by the Catholic Archdiocese of Miami and the American Central Intelligence Agency under the title ‘The Pedro Pan Project’ or ‘The Peter Pan Project.’


This led José to be one of the 14,000 children sent to the USA to disrupt Fidel Castro’s regime, but it disrupted the lives of so many families instead.


In 1968 José’s parents left Cuba under the ‘Freedom Flights’ (known in Spanish as Los Vuelos de la Libertad) and these flights transported Cubans to Miami twice daily, five times per week from 1965 to 1973 and José and his parents reunited after all those years.


From 1968 to 1970 José and his parents lived and worked in San Juan Puerto Rico where they owned a restaurant, but this type of work proved unsatisfactory to José, and he headed back north to Atlanta Georgia where he had some friends and a possibility of a new job career.


This job career turned out to be in the banking arena and then into international consulting, which became the backbone of his professional life.


In 2008, the Great Financial Crisis (GFC) struck the financial world like Thor’s hammer and José and his Australian wife (Miriam) moved to Australia and pursue their lives there.


In 2014, José and Miriam retired in Sydney New South Wales and have enjoyed their retirement ever since while pursuing their hobbies and interests.

José F. Nodar


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