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Stories To Share with My Partner - Book 3

Stories To Share with My Partner - Book 3

A book of stories to enjoy together!


José F. Nodar


Fiction, Contemporary, Mystery, Police / Detective, Romance, Thriller, Science Fiction, Poetry, Humor Fiction, Crime, Action and Adventure

Publish Date

December 12, 2022

Short Description

An anthology of stories and poetry for reading on your own or to your partner!


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An anthology of stories and poetry can be a fun thing or a scary one.


Deciding what goes into an anthology can be daunting. Too much romance and some folks may decide it is ‘too mushy’. Put too much humour in, and others will say, ‘there is no substance’. Go with more science fiction, or fantasy, or horror, and you will have some folks just not pick up the book.


Finding the perfect ‘mix’ is a challenge for sure.


‘Stories to Share with My Partner – Book 3’ presents what I hope is a good mix of stories and poetry to make everyone happy.


You have some love stories, ‘Tele-Novella’ and the ‘Idiot’, for example, while I cover science fiction in ‘When the Future Arrives’ and ‘Coordinates’.


Funny stories are what I enjoy writing about, and there are few in this book.


‘Jerk’ is something many can relate to and in ‘The Key to Love’ well, I get mushy.

I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did when I wrote them.


As always, any comments are welcome, so shoot me a quick email to

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José F. Nodar

José F. Nodar


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