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James Goddard

About The Author

I work in an office during the day, so like to be fairly active in my spare time.


I have been dancing Ballroom and Latin for many years.


I also have experience of Salsa, Argentine Tango and Ceroc (Modern Jive).


I have an extensive interest in martial arts which I have been practising for a number of years.


I noticed there were patterns and cross overs in principles of movement in martial arts, yoga and other dance styles. This is what inspired me to write my self-help books so people could get more out of lessons, YouTube videos etc.


I have also written a fiction book.

James Goddard


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Short Stories by the Author

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Books by the Author

The Budo of Judo:
Goddard Method of Judo
Ellie’s Magical Cat
Goddard Method of Dance
Partner Dancing: Ballroom and Latin: Goddard Method
Judo: Throwing, Grappling and Striking: Goddard Method
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