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Ellie’s Magical Cat

Ellie’s Magical Cat

Dreamlike adventures through the night sky


James Goddard


Fiction, Children's Books, Fantasy, Romance

Publish Date

November 16, 2022

Short Description

Dreams and wishes have a power of their own…


...adventures through the cat's shadow.


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The Winner

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Dreams and wishes have a power of their own…

Ellie met Hugo through their shared love of dancing. They were happily married for many years.

After her beloved husband Hugo passed away, Ellie is left with only some photographs to remember him by, so she gets a cat for company.

One night, when Ellie is thinking of Hugo, the cat’s shadow touches a patch of light, magic seems to happen, and everything comes alive. They go on wonderful adventures dancing through the starry night sky.


The Goddard Method of Latin Dance is included in paper back and hard back editions of this book. If the story inspires you to try dancing, or build on what you know, you may care to read the ‘Goddard Method of Latin Dancing’ in the second section of the book.

What you will find inside:
• Quick wins to make you look and feel great.
• Guidance on technique, steps and timing that will give you style.
• Easy to follow illustrations and direction of travel diagrams for dance moves.

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James Goddard

James Goddard


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