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Eoin McDonald

About The Author

About Eoin McDonald

I am 74 years old

I am married and have 6 children

I live in Auckland New Zealand

I have worked and lived in Australia and the Philippines. Most of the time on my travels I have been able to live in the homes of local people. Countries I have visited, and or worked in have been; Australia, the Philippines, the USA, Tahiti, China, Mexico, Hong Kong, Hawaii. I have been fortunate to have been to China 4 times and lived there with friends, up to two months at a time. In the USA I have visited both coasts, that is east and west, as well as most inland states staying with people I know. In Australia I lived mainly in the outback; for one year I lived in Sydney. The total time spent in Australia was 6 years.

I am trained as a chef; in agriculture, and at the age of 40 trained as a nurse.

I have been writing stuff since I was 10 years old. At various points in my life, stories I have written have been published or spoken over the radio. I am also an actor and have been in 3 feature films. I was also in the TV series Spartacus and was part of the splinter group that performed most of the close-ups and featured roles in support of the main actors.

My main occupation now is writing, and publishing books I have written, also supporting other authors on my website I give support on social media, including a page on Facebook called Readers REST which you can google @recreationalreading

I also am available for acting work and you can visit my profile on Starnow

Eoin McDonald


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End of a New Beginning
Aroha's Cowboy
The Chosen Drone
Carlos Beltowers
The Final Position
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