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End of a New Beginning

End of a New Beginning

Third Book in The Chosen Drone series


Eoin McDonald


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Fantasy, Historical, Military / War

Publish Date

February 25, 2023

Short Description

Russel was a boozy, boisterous, rugged town on the East Coast of the North Island in the new colony. It was full of raging hotels, and prostitutes, a pirate town; set up to entertain the sailors who arrived on ships from all over the world. HMS from England anchored here, along with Whalers and Traders. It was a place to let your hair down but it was also the center of Commerce and Government for the colony. Governors resided there who came from England, their job was to enforce the Treaty of Waitangi and administer the natives in New Zealand. Parceling out of the land was supervised from here. Generally, the authorities were watching over the well-being of New Zealand.


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War blossomed around every corner of Europe at the beginning of the 1900s.

It was also a time of Mystics and Mysticism.

Alexander Drummond arrived in Russel, New Zealand, with his parents; from Dumfries in Scotland. Russel at that time was the Capital City; a raggle-taggle of a place filled with hopefuls, the lost, and the leftovers. In 1896 Alex was 8 years old and orphaned, his mother had died and his father was the victim of Blackbirding.

In 1914 the Great War broke out. The war to end all wars. Alex's uncle, from Dumfries in Scotland, kept in communication. He was soon to join the War effort. He knew the Case must be protected.

Alex enlisted in the Navy as a Seaman in New Zealand and soon moved up the ranks as an officer. It was during this time that he took possession of the Case.

Johann Holzel was connected to the administrative side of the Holy See. He was also tied in with the Great Lodge. Holzel knew of the existence of the Case and the origins of its contents. The Roman Catholic Church wanted it back

After the war, Alex met Agnes (his foster parent's caregiver), and they married and had one child. Katy was an adventurous woman. While on a trip to New York, she meets her future husband.

Alex meet his grandson David Chen when he was in his nineties. At that time he passed the Case on to him. When David was old enough he accepted it as an heirloom of his family and treasured it

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Eoin McDonald

Eoin McDonald


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