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David Harder

About The Author

David Harder has been writing for more than twenty-five years. His novels are inspiring stories about individuals who influence their world in unique ways.
David grew up in southern California and served in the US Navy during the Vietnam conflict. He traveled the world for businesses with cutting-edge technologies in computer and data-storage. As part of his career, he wrote for trade journals and created marketing materials within the computer industry. A graduate of San Jose College with a degree in business, he also studied at Santa Clara University towards a degree in international business.
After retiring, David focused on two passions: writing and clay art. In November 2012, he reached a dismal emotional low that nearly cost him his life. That day he began a new life—a complete turnaround. His journey is recorded in the book Carving Hope Out of Depression.
Some of his recent writing involves historical fiction with alternative insights into biblical history. David uses the Bible as the foundation for a novel, then expands the stories to give depth and realism to characters barely mentioned in the scriptures.
In addition to writing, David is an accomplished clay artist. He uses his wheel and clay during demonstrations in churches to deliver a powerful testimony, visualizing how God shapes our lives for different purposes-no matter how old we are, and even if we seem to be a failure.
David is a graduate of Vineyard Institute in biblical studies and leadership. He resides in the Prescott area of Arizona.

David Harder


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Whenever I do ventured to his porch, the purpose was to either collect the newspaper which the newsboy cast from the sidewalk with trepidation or gather the mail from the skewered mailbox which sat on a flimsy pole, and encased in vines along the dilapidated fence.

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Final Grains of Sand
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