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Dave Lager

About The Author

Author Dave Lager is the pen name of Dave Ramacitti.

The pen name is actually a derivative of a pet name used for her brother by his real-life sister, not unlike Ro's unique name for Tuck, her brother.


Theoretically, Dave is the Author of the Ro Delahanty novels. However, it feels more like he is the one transcribing as Ro dictates to him her story of finding herself in dangerous situations and discovering what it means to be a cop and a warrior. She is not reluctant to wake him up in the middle of the night with an idea for a new chapter.


Three novels in the Ro Delahanty series are now available: "Ro's Handle," "Hear Evil," and "Losses" The fourth, "Secrets Never End," should be released early 2022, while the fifth, "Secrets Never End: Revelations" should be out later in 2022. Dave has made his career in journalism and marketing and published several books under his given name for the small business market.


Dave and his wife of nearly thirty years as best friends, and along with an 80% cute/20% brat puppy named Sofie and a laconic cat named Mr. Squeaks, reside in Western Illinois alongside the beautiful Mississippi River.

Dave Lager


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Hear Evil
Ro's Handle
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