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Book Three in the Ro Delahanty Series


Dave Lager


Fiction, Crime, Police / Detective, Suspense, Women

Publish Date

August 27, 2021

Short Description

Ro, a dedicated cop, when she is caught between blood and duty, can she survive the treacherous truth?


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Deputy Sheriff Ro Delahanty’s tireless devotion has finally earned her a spot with SWAT as a sharpshooter. Called in as lead sniper to a tense hostage situation, she quickly senses the standoff is already on a knife’s edge. And her worst nightmare unfolds when the DEA hijacks the negotiations and triggers a bloodbath.

Horrified by the carnage, Ro jeopardizes her career when her rage sends fists flying, and the feds use her as a scapegoat. But when the tenacious officer refuses to let the real story get buried along with the bodies, she may be crossing the wrong side of the law…

Can Ro clear her name before she loses her badge and goes down for the count?

Losses is the third book in the adrenaline-fueled Ro Delahanty crime thriller series. If you like true-blue heroines, heart-stopping danger, and gritty investigations, then you’ll love Dave Lager’s hard-hitting police procedural.

Buy Losses to take a high-risk shot at freedom today!

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Dave Lager

Dave Lager


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