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Hear Evil

Hear Evil

Book Two in the Ro Delahanty Series


Dave Lager


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Crime, Drama, Police / Detective, Women, Suspense

Publish Date

May 18, 2021

Short Description

Ro works hard to serve and protect. But now her dad’s in danger, and nothing in her training can defend him…


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Rookie deputy sheriff Ro Delahanty only wants to uphold the law and make her father proud. And after a long day dealing with bar fights, pranksters, and car crashes, sometimes her only solace is their shared love of classical music. But she’s in for her most challenging case yet when her dad, Big Mike, is struck down by a mysterious sickness.

Retracing Big Mike’s steps, she learns he attended a concert and other victims suffering from the same unexplainable symptoms. And the deeper she digs for the truth, the more she fears the incomprehensible culprit may be immune to any of her usual weapons.

Can Ro uncover the answers and save her father before his final note plays?

Hear Evil is the second book in the thrilling Ro Delahanty police procedural series. If you like intriguing cases, determined heroines, and supernatural mysteries, then you’ll love Dave Lager’s thought-provoking novel.

Buy ‘Hear Evil’ to track down the strangest killer today!

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Dave Lager

Dave Lager


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