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Crystal Mary Lindsey

About The Author

A health professional of many years, Crystal has always loved to read. As a registered nurse and a professional counselor, she realized how stories could INFLUENCE, ENCOURAGE, and INSPIRE, the reader to feel happier. So began her journey as an author to write the kind of books that touch hearts with understanding and awareness. Her books contain an EXCITING mixture of Spirituality, Romance, Mystery, and Suspense. They are unique stories as her passion elevates the reader to overcome their many adversities and see life from an improved perceptiveness.

Credentials: BN (Aus). BSN (USA). MHN (Aus). Dip Counselling/Psychology. Cert Theology.

 Crystal Mary Lindsey


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Books by the Author

Because God Made Me, I am Special.
Cherished Encounter
Love's Time
Finding Her Lost Soul
Discovering TREASURE: A Christian ROMANCE
House of Shadows
Love's Betrayal
Forbidden Fruit Temptation
Consuming Fire
Sure Fire Self Help & Knowledge of Health Care
Mystery Nightmare Journey Across Time
The Mystery Healer of Smoky Mountain
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