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Finding Her Lost Soul

Finding Her Lost Soul


Crystal Mary Lindsey


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Fantasy, Historical, Paranormal and Supernatural, Mystery, Religious, Romance, Suspense, Teen and Young Adult, Women

Publish Date

September 15, 2019

Short Description

Gracie discovers the greatest gift of all... LOVE.

When she meets two angles then is taken to Heaven in a vision but later locked in

a graveyard vault by an evil man.


The Winner

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Gracie discovers the greatest gift of all... LOVE.

It's 1925, and Gracie is the eldest daughter of a large family who shoulders much responsibility.
With this load she carries, she feels forgotten as a person and bears resentment.
She can't wait for her eighteenth birthday to arrive as she plans to run away from her family on that day.
The young Pastor of her church recognizes her heart's feelings. Wisely he communicates with her while keeping her confidence and becoming her friend. Pastor Ethan has come through much loneliness and confusion in his life. Then rescued by a Christian family and given the love of Jesus, he finds God's gift to him and uses it to bring others to salvation.
Gracie leaves her home early one morning on her long walk to Nashville with the dream of becoming a country music star. She has many experiences during this time.
She meets an older man who brings to light and mind her family's sacrifices.
Then a kindly woman, met in a local store, invites her home to show Gracie more of her family's devotion.
After these gracious people disappear, Gracie realizes they were ANGELS.

GOD takes her on a VISIT to HEAVEN and reveals to her HIS GLORY.

Lastly, she becomes the kidnapping victim and is locked in a graveyard vault at night.
Calling out to the Lord, Will she be kept warm inside the cold tomb? And will she be found before it's too late?
Will she have found Christ and her lost soul?
What happens to this young woman?

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 Crystal Mary Lindsey

Crystal Mary Lindsey


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