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How to pick up the right writing style?

Nowadays, every person tries very hard to make an impression. We dress, talk, behave and even walk in a certain and unique way. And this makes us recognizable to other people. So, if it comes to writing what would make one writer different from another?

Of course, that would be the writing style! Let's go through some of the most important points regarding the right writing style, in order to get closer to perfection!

As an author you might have a specific way of wordiness, you may tend to use certain words, the structure of your sentences might be very specific. Also, readers might have been impressed by your tone and mood. But this is absolutely different for every writer. This is not something you just have - you have to find out what works best for you by practice and inspiration.

Ultimately, it is not only the story, but how you tell it!

So here are some tips you might find useful.

We all have favorite authors and books, so take a minute and think of what they have in common and what differences you can find. Every author has a unique voice. They achieve that with the way they structure their sentences or the words they use. It is ok if you are strongly influenced by your favorite author.

Just remember what Oscar Wilde said, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.

Have the courage to take a step out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself and push the boundaries. Your writing style should be a reflection of who you are but not limited to that. You can always experiment and adopt new practices in your writing style until you reach perfection.

It would be a plus to consider writing short paragraphs. Nowadays, it is very hard to keep the reader’s attention for longer than 8 seconds. Short paragraphs and sentences are more appealing to the readers. You can keep your audience engaged for longer because it would be easier for them to follow the storyline in your book. They won’t get bored with prolonged sentences and paragraphs with much punctuation in them. Short sentences and paragraphs would be best to use if you have a clear idea and would like to create tension or to express urgency.

Talking about paragraphs and sentences, we can add that the choice of words also plays an important part in the writing style. Choose your words wisely – use synonyms and familiar words that would be closer to the reader’s everyday vocabulary.

Avoiding clichés and filler words is really important. Filler words are mostly used to “fill the space” without changing or adding any meaning to the sentence. Clichés and filler words are distracting, especially if you repeat them a lot. So you’d better try to reduce them whenever possible.

When writing, be honest, and don’t be afraid to state your opinion. Many people out there focus on one and the same topic, they just pass the information without sharing their own opinion. That’s why you should state your position and don’t be afraid to have a different point of view, that would make your writing even more captivating to the readers.

And last but not least, go back and review your earlier writings. In the very beginning, you can’t expect to produce your best writing, this is a process, that needs time to develop gradually. Going back to your initial draft would help you to look back critically, and what you have improved, and think of a new way to express your ideas.

Just do it how you feel it! It is the same with everything else - try different structures and techniques, play with the words. Don’t be scared to experiment, because you are free to do it the way you like it and this is exactly what will make you unique. Once you are satisfied and pleased with what you have created, then be sure - you are on the right track and you will be praised for your work!

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