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While the Gods Slept

While the Gods Slept


James E. Sanford, Jr


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Historical

Publish Date

March 30, 2018

Short Description

While the Gods Slept brings together many of the disparate anomalies, myths, and religious beliefs that confound and confuse those who would like answers to age-old questions. The story begins some four hundred thousand years into our past when a great civilization occupied this planet. After a great cataclysmic event, the few survivors begin a project to rebuild and repopulate the Earth. Their efforts are recorded throughout the book, but there is a parallel story. One that is taking place around our globe today.



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One man, Simon Krall, is discovered to have unique DNA. His DNA could hold the secret to increased longevity, immunity from most diseases, and the end to dementia and Alzheimer’s. He meets a beautiful scientist named Dr. Irina Bronstine, who wants to study his unique genetic make-up. When Simon travels to Washington, DC for some physical tests, it sets off a chain reaction of deceit, betrayal, and chaos.
With Dr. Bronstine at his side, Simon travels halfway around the world to escape from an eccentric billionaire who wants to dissect his body for all its secrets. Pursued by cruel and merciless men, Simon begins to tell a tale that is so fantastic, that Dr. Bronstine believes he is crazy or delusional. Through Simon’s on-going chronicles, a few scientists begin to see the possibility that Simon was preprogrammed genetically.
Aided by a growing number of scientists and researchers around the world, Simon’s story slowly comes out. He answers questions that have plagued curious minds for ages. Some of the answers are difficult to accept. Others are completely outrageous to his listeners. All responses he shares come straight from information programmed into his DNA thousands of years ago.
Recorded history goes back a mere five thousand years, yet researchers keep finding evidence of older structures, cultures, art, and remains. Much of what is being discovered today does not fit the accepted account of human history. Debates continue to rage between archaeologists, paleontologists, geneticists, paleo archeologists, geologists, and scientists from many other fields. In addition to arguing amongst themselves, they are also bombarded with theories from those who believe ancient aliens created mankind.
One theory, that has always held intrigue for those interested in the subject, is that there were great advanced civilizations here long before recorded history. There is a belief that an earlier society gave us our knowledge of engineering, math, astronomy, agriculture, and science. The question has always been asked but never answered. How did a group of nomadic farmers suddenly develop the skills and knowledge to build the great monolithic structures found around the world?
While the Gods Slept gives plausible answers to the questions of the ages. It is an intriguing, fictional story wrapped in real history. The many characters in this book are based on real people who ask the hard questions about man, every day. Buckle up and hang on, you are about to go from outer space to the Earth and back.

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James E. Sanford, Jr

James E. Sanford, Jr


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