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James E. Sanford, Jr

About The Author

A prolific writer since the age of fifteen, James Sanford has employed his prose to author numerous books, articles, stories, and one motion picture project. He sold his first short story to DC Comic Books when he was fifteen. His book, Storm Treasure, inspired a 1999 major motion picture. Mr. Sanford holds a B.A. Degree in Mass Communications and an M.A. Degree in Communication Arts from California State University, Chico. He has also earned a Ph.D. In Education.
For the past forty-two years, James has worked as a Teacher and Education Administrator in various venues, including Jr. High School, High School, Community College, and within the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. He has taught Science, English, Creative Writing, Art, Reading, Adult Basic Education, and Substance Abuse Education. In all of these settings, James has used his communication skills to teach, mentor, and coach individuals to express themselves through writing, music, poetry, and art. During his final years in education, James had the privilege of supervising and mentoring teachers who worked in jails and parole offices throughout California.
After retiring from full-time employment, James focused on his own creative endeavors and concentrated on his two great passions, travel and history. His most ambitious effort to date is While the Gods Slept. The book demonstrates his profound knowledge of history, as well as his love for travel. His capability to weave together real historical facts with plausible fiction is masterful. He, has the ability, to take Dan Brown's and Clive Cussler's historical fiction to a new level. His chronicles are riveting, and his characters are memorable.
Mr. Sanford enjoys debating history, politics, and science. He claims it stimulates his writing process and forces him to keep up to date on various topics. His comprehension of what he studies, and reads is evident on every page of his books. Mr. Sanford lives in northern California with his wife and constant traveling companion Linda. They have two daughters, five grandchildren, and a great-granddaughter. Visit for more information about the author and his writing projects. Visit to see photos from the travels of Jim and Linda Sanford.

James E. Sanford, Jr


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Short Stories by the Author

Brother Jonathan’s Treasure

Brother Jonathan’s Treasure

Jake first heard about the big disaster while he was painting in front of his grandfather’s house. He was putting whitewash on the wood picket fence when Tolly came running down the road towards the waterfront. Tolly shouted to Jake as he passed. 

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Books by the Author

While the Gods Slept
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