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To Sleep With A Stranger

To Sleep With A Stranger


Annette Austin


Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Drama

Publish Date

July 8, 2023

Short Description

Roberta is an unhappy woman with a boyfriend.

Dylan is a troubled man haunted by his past.

Can they find true happiness together?


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The Winner

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One night of passion can change everything.

An emotional and dramatic contemporary fiction romance begins the interracial love story between Roberta Clarke and Dylan Alexander.

Roberta Clarke never saw herself as a cheater.

All she wanted was a change from her boring life, a night away from her boyfriend, Emmanuel Sinclair.

Yet the moment she met Dylan Alexander, with his attractive features and electric charisma, a spark ignited between them. Despite her initial feelings of guilt, she is unable to stay away from the moody and mysterious stranger.

As Roberta falls deeper under Dylan’s spell, the deception over the affair and what it is doing to Emmanuel threatens to overwhelm her. With Dylan, his wild and unpredictable nature makes him a risk, while with Emmanuel, she has a dependable partner.

Who will she choose?


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Annette Austin

Annette Austin


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