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To Run Before the Sea

To Run Before the Sea

Rosie Winterbourne Book 1


Michael Rothery


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Psychological

Publish Date

August 7, 2020

Short Description

A potent mix of adventure and self-renewal, this is the story of a young woman's struggle with mental illness. Above all, it is a story of conquest: the conquest of psychosis, of loneliness, and of fear. And it is a story of survival - alone - in the wild vastness of the Atlantic Ocean.


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How do you cope when your darkest, most frightening fantasies become indistinguishable from reality? Worse still, when you're part of the crew of a Royal Naval destroyer.

This disturbing condition is only one of the many challenges facing Leading Seaman Rosie Winterbourne as her life spins out of control. But she is not the kind of girl who surrenders to illness and misfortune. Abandoned by the navy and everyone she cares about, Rosie finds solace in the renovation of her father's old yacht.

What starts as a welcome distraction, however, soon becomes a driven obsession, leading to life-changing events and astonishing discoveries about herself and her past.

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Michael Rothery

Michael Rothery


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