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Michael Rothery

About The Author

A lifelong hobby scribbler, I consider To Run Before the Sea my first quality work, and Rosie Winterbourne, my most exciting prime character.

 I am currently (Oct ’20) polishing up the sequel, The Travel Agent - in which Rosie reinvents herself as an undercover agent - for release in December 2020. A third book, The Conflicted Bride will come out in April 2021, and several more Rosie Winterbourne stories will follow.

As for myself, I divide my time between working at my home in Elgin, cycling around the Highlands, and cruising the Atlantic/Caribbean islands in my yacht, Island Spirit. In past lives, I served twenty-five years in the Royal Navy and then another twenty as Director of a computer software company in the Midlands.

Michael Rothery


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Short Stories by the Author

Labaleen and the Whaler

Labaleen and the Whaler

There she hangs aloft! Twisted devil-horns
upon a head of green, translucent skin.
See those razor teeth! With two curved fangs that,
as the maw snaps shut, clamp hard against her
hungry, drooling chin.

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Books by the Author

To Run Before the Sea
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