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The Writer and the Librarian

The Writer and the Librarian

The Raven Society Book 1


R.L. Geer-Robbins


Fantasy, Paranormal and Supernatural, Mythological

Publish Date

January 6, 2023

Short Description

For years myths and legends have been rewritten, and now we don't know fact from fiction. But who rewrote them and why? Journey with the Raven Society as they must find the truth in the inconsistencies of history.


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The Winner

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For years, Chloe has hidden from the shadows of her past, trying to escape its haunting. That is all about to change when she discovers a note taped to her front door inviting her to join The Raven Society.


Thousands of years ago, the Raven Society was created to protect, maintain, and preserve history deemed too dangerous for society. Their priceless secret? The Book of the Veiled. Its discovery could open Pandora's box of consequences, for whoever holds it can rewrite history and change the course of the future.

And it has been stolen.


The Raven Society's search for the book must survive the Gates of the Otherworld, betrayals, deception, and deadly motivations. But, in the end, they will realize that myths and fables aren't just bedtime stories but stories of forgotten lives that have been driven into the shadows.


How far into the darkness would you be willing to travel to discover the truth?

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R.L. Geer-Robbins

R.L. Geer-Robbins


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