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R.L. Geer-Robbins

About The Author

I am a reader, blogger, author, connoisseur of all things coffee, and a self-proclaimed Beat Saber expert. My superpower is finding missing socks and scissors.


I have one husband, three boys, a dog, 24 snakes (not my idea), and according to Google, enough books to be considered a library. I read, blog, love getting my nails done, riding my motorcycle, and am a historian by passion and education.


I am horrible at returning phone calls and forgetting that someone texted me. I believe arriving 15 minutes early at a party is late, but leaving an hour early because I have a book to read. I only know ten recipes and keep them on rotation because I hate cooking dinner. I love doing laundry but despise putting clothes away. I believe the grocery store is my personal nemesis, and I try to avoid it at all costs.


After over 20 years in the U.S. Army, I shifted my passion and dreams to publishing my own book and helping others navigate the murky waters of self-publishing. I believe in new ideas, retelling old stories, and always remembering those that could be forgotten.

R.L. Geer-Robbins


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The Myth and the Monster
The Writer and the Librarian
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