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The Unraveling

The Unraveling

A Story Like No Other


PJ Franklin


Action and Adventure, Romance, Suspense, Thriller, Mystery, Paranormal and Supernatural, Fiction

Publish Date

September 30, 2021

Short Description

The Unraveling was written with a brisk pace, crackling chemistry, witty banter, romantic moments that make you melt, a high stakes plot, characters that jump off the page, and a dramatic ending. Kyle Stone was back from war at the age of 20, driven to build a financial empire, he could not fathom being poor as he was as a child. He did not waste his time away, plans were made, blueprints were created, and he was ready to execute. What happens next to Kyle will keep the reader turning pages as they immerse themselves into the craziest events that keep on happening as he forbids himself to quit, no matter how crazy it unravels the lives of those who tried to destroy him.

It must be quite a task to find the right Author for your representation. I offer you a mystery crime story entwined into a thriller. A story like no other, derived from my personal experiences before becoming The United States Veteran of the Year by the President, Producer of USO Entertainment and manager/agent to Rock Stars.



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The truth escapes many lives; 1976 San Francisco, back from Vietnam, Kyle Stone with his family and friends. Nobody knows what is coming and how their lives will be turned upside down. The unraveling started as soon as he got home from fighting a war. Betrayal, greed, ruthlessness, corporate corruption, infidelity, with evil lurking. Follow Kyle, as he fights for his family, his business, and his life. This great story of literary fiction is derived from the Author’s experiences and living some of the craziest times and implausible events as the truth reveals.

Kyle only wanted to raise a family and build a business, why wouldn't they let him, what forces were at work? His best friend and Vice President seems to have been possessed by evil, while losing millions in court with Kyle. David convinces Kyle to reach out to a Witch and put a spell on those who were stealing his company. They should of not done that. The shadows of those who are not here, were released into a life and a business, affecting all within Kyle’s circle. Kyle has a new fight; one he did not want.

Kyle could only wish that this was the end of his problems. Sitting in a bar, two gentlemen come in asking if he is Kyle Stone, “who’s asking” Kyle says staring right at them. They take him by gun point and explain that his VP had borrowed a lot of money and only Kyle has the means to pay it back. He is now a member of the Mafia. He is given several missions; take down a sitting United States Senator would be his first, all to win back his illusive freedom. Truth continues its twists and turns as the story unfolds and Kyle’s life unravels. The reader will be immersed in a time and place, deep into the characters. It reads like a movie that you don’t want to end. One with romance, trust, loyalty, and characters who jump off the screen, book. The Unraveling is rich with life’s struggles and lies as the truth dances amongst the unbelievable. Grab a chair and take a front seat on how Kyle, Yvonne, David, Connie, Bossman, and others, handle the incredibly crazy real life driven events, in A Story Like No Other. The strange events of the reality of the White Candle brings paranormal elements to this already astonishing and unbelievable story.

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PJ Franklin

PJ Franklin


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