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PJ Franklin

About The Author

The story of the protagonist, Kyle Stone, is based on PJ Franklin’s life. It was derived from his life experiences, starting when he lost his father to suicide at a tender age. He lived with several families before he found his home in the Army. After a year of intense training in combat engineering, he earned his commission as an Infantry Officer at just eighteen years old. He served during the Vietnam war and received injuries that would later become crippling. After serving in the Army, J Franklin started a business alongside his family, his future looked great. What followed were some of the strangest events leading up to betrayal, greed, corporate corruption, witchcraft, paranormal activity, and much more. Those years were the craziest in his life. Thus The Unraveling had to be written.

PJ Franklin spent many years in the Entertainment business as a rock star manager, Concert, and Movie Producer, and was honored to be Producer of USO Entertainment, Bob Hope, serving our military delivering the best entertainment to those deployed throughout the world.

By producing a USO Show, he not only selected and negotiated with artists and management, formatted the show from music to comedy to dance, and organized the logistics of travel.

He saw sick, terminally ill children throughout his travels and decided to do something to help them. He chose the magic of movie-making to reach out to them. The children became the stars of their movies. The results were amazing for these children, and it gave them a will to live again.

For over twenty-five years, PJ Franklin founded ‘The United States Entertainment Force,’ a nonprofit charity serving the USA military and their families. In addition, they set up the ‘Hopes and Dreams Project,’ which was also for sick children and gave them life through the magic of movie-making.

Looking back at his life, it seemed necessary to take the time to finish writing his story, The Unraveling from his home in California with his wife Lynn and dog Duke. It weaved through a time in his life when he was surrounded by those consumed by greed, corruption, and deceit as they graveled for what they could steal from what was not theirs.

In simpler times to the present, they look back and shake their heads and be thankful they are still alive and still have time to enjoy their happiness.

Today they keep looking for hope and love for everyone.

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