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The Nowhere Man

The Nowhere Man


Ian Wilson


Paranormal and Supernatural, Psychological, Thriller

Publish Date

May 15, 2022

Short Description

A psycological thriller based in the North West of England.

Sarah finds herself drawn into a painting that changes her life completely. She teams up with the artist to locate his prevus paintings and finds herself on a path to a tragic truth.


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Following the death of her father while fishing with friends, Sarah Pennington moves back to her parents’ farm in Cheshire where she spent her childhood, and which revives beautiful memories of growing up in the countryside.

After a chance meeting with artist Jonathon Ripley, Sarah feels drawn into an image she finds in the local village gallery, so much so that she almost finds herself standing on its wooden bridge leading into dense woodland, surrounded by a cloudy mist. Just able to make out a mysterious figure seemingly standing amongst the trees, she buys the painting and persuades Jonathon to help her embark on the hunt to find out more about the bewildering image.

Turning detective, they set out to discover other paintings that have also had a profound effect on their owners, some having terrifying experiences while others calming and serene. But Sarah is convinced her late father has something to do with the paintings as the mystery behind their owners begins to unravel, and her suspicions become even more unfathomable.

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Ian Wilson

Ian Wilson


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