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The Last Noah

The Last Noah


David Cuff


Science Fiction, Action and Adventure, Fiction

Publish Date

October 8, 2019

Short Description

The Last Noah is a unique take on the sci-fi genre which throws questions at you from the word ‘go’. An unseen presence, consistent and ever-present, drives the story forward with a strong sense of mystery, and a need to know more.


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In space, nobody is watching your reality. Or are they? Follow the mysterious adventures of our two unwilling space travellers, and discover what is really going on...

Robin and Miranda go to bed in their separate rooms, but wake up somewhere else. Somewhere that is alien and way outside their comfort zone. However, as they discover more about their new surroundings and have several unusual and action-packed adventures, they begin to suspect that all may not be as it first seemed. As the days progress, their passion for each other grows as their relationship develops emotionally and physically. However, is someone or something watching them? Why do they keep discovering things that don’t feel right? And what’s the story behind the various androids who they meet during their adventures?

As well as being a fast-moving science fiction action and adventure novel, this book touches on several social topics. Covert surveillance; humanity’s journey after the extinction of Earth; how AI might develop; and whether humans would, one day, upload their minds into robots (and, if so, what sort of society might result?)

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David Cuff

David Cuff


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