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David Cuff

About The Author

I’m David Cuff. I built a career in operations management and logistics, in the UK and then Western Australia, before reaching a point in my life where I realised that I didn’t want to do that anymore. So, needing to set a course towards something different, I wrote my first book, The Last Noah. Over the years, I’ve read many good science fiction novels with a superb plot, but which also explore social or philosophical issues, and I aim to write in the same style. I also compose classical-style music.


I thrive when I’m creating works like my novel, classical music scores, and my website. I also enjoy listening to music and messing around on computers. Some years ago, I traced my family tree back to the seventeenth century, a most enlightening endeavour. Soon, I plan to write another novel – I have got a few good ideas and look forward to expressing my creative self in print once again.

David Cuff


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