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The Kaval Rises

The Kaval Rises


Mike Moon


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Apocalyptic, Dark, Paranormal and Supernatural, Psychological, Suspense, Thriller

Publish Date

December 17, 2022

Short Description

The Kaval Rises follows flawed Arizona inmate, Eero Laine, as he struggles to maintain his sanity amid a crumbling world. His entire life, he’s tried to ignore the voice tormenting him with apocalyptic visions of his future. But it refuses to be denied.


Eero doesn’t know why the voice chose him, and he doesn’t care. His only concern is escaping to save the last family he’s got.


If he does though, he’ll bring the parasitic entity one step closer to its goal of infestation and annihilation.


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The Winner

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When the waters bleed and the walls fall, I will come for you. We will destroy them all.


Apocalyptic visions haunt Eero Laine, unveiling a future he’s trying to avoid. All the warring, diseases, and natural disasters the voice prophesied to him have begun to transpire.


Every day of Eero’s incarceration, the voice’s lust for death grows. It demands Eero claim his rightful place atop the ashes of a dying world. Together they will demolish its regimes and build a unified civilization in their image.


Why the voice chose him has always been a mystery to Eero, but he stopped worrying about that long ago. The only thing he cares about now is saving the last family he’s got.


The people who murdered his little brother and sent him to prison now hunt his older one. To save him, Eero must escape.


One gang possesses the skill to pull it off, the Kaval.


If Eero joins them though, he’ll start down the sordid path the voice set forth for him. He despises the monster he could become, but embracing the darkness is the only way for his brother to stay in the light.

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Mike Moon

Mike Moon


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