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The Fifth Kingdom

The Fifth Kingdom

an epic fantasy adventure (Vol 2 of Defenders of Vosj)


Kevin P Hallett



Publish Date

December 14, 2022

Short Description

Can she escape from them burning her at the stake?

Abandoned by her wizard mentor, seventeen-year-old Wizard’s Apprentice Brodia sets off to stop her psychotic nemesis from killing young girls in the fifth kingdom. Her reputation precedes her as her enemies close in to burn alive a girl who broke every law in becoming a magician, an abomination. Who can the teenager trust while she is on the run?


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Brodia barely starts training as a wizard’s apprentice when she runs away after a massive misunderstanding with her Zenii. As she hopes her mentor will come for her, she is targeted by a psychotic apprentice wizard determined to end her days. For the inexperienced teenager, she must run the gauntlet of enemies trying to catch and burn her at the stake as an abomination.

She rushes across the border into the fifth kingdom, where she meets a man who slowly rebuilds her trust in men. The killer is ahead of her and has turned the kingdom’s capital into his hunting ground. Meanwhile, the enemy grand wizard watches and plans his invasion of Brodia’s homeland. To stop the upcoming war, she must learn to trust others before facing her nemesis, a much stronger magician.

Can Brodia survive long enough to be the hero of young girls?

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Kevin P Hallett

Kevin P Hallett


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