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The Buccaneers of St. Frederick Island

The Buccaneers of St. Frederick Island


Linda Maria Frank


Action and Adventure, Mystery, Teen and Young Adult

Publish Date

June 1, 2020

Short Description

This mystery for young readers involved a grooup of eighth graders living on a remote island who must solve the mystery of who stole money they were raising to help homeless kids. Taking place in 1947 it includes colorful island people, a Native American healer and a group of plucky, often-times funny kids who call themselves the Buccaneers of St. Frederick Island.


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When an author like me gets a review that says, “I can’t wait to read the next one,” it’s a siren call that cannot be ignored.

You start to think about the other adventures your beloved Buccaneers will share with your readers.

Living on a remote island and attending a school, housed in an old pirate’s castle is the backdrop set to tempt the reader. A network of caves cut off by a roiling surf provides danger and mystery for the latest Buccaneer’s adventure.

Becca Dawes, mother of the leader of the Buccaneers, Lily, code name Sprocket, is owner, managing editor and chief reporter of St. Frederick’s only newspaper, The Foghorn. Lending support the Sprocket and her crew often puts Becca in troubled waters. Pardon the pun.

The “Beachies”, a community of folks who live off the land and sea, never miss a thing that happens in the island. Their spokesman, Sibby Fintail, is more than willing to rally his crew behind solving the mystery that finds him attacked as he works to retrieve valuable crystals from the caves. The “Beachies” add a special flavor to this new tale.

From St. Frederick’s beginning, the Native American inhabitants, the North Breeze Tribe, has been its Soul. These peaceful people seek to protect their way of life and their island home, and provide a strong defense against any person, place or thing that threatens St. Frederick Island and its inhabitants.

These are the Island people who will come together to find the culprits behind the attack on Sibbyand use their resources to help the Buccaneers overcome the efforts of those unknown forces to block them at every turn.

Hang onto your hats! The Buccaneers will keep you turning those pages as fast as you can, but SPOILER ALERT, don’t go peeking at those last chapters. If you laughed at some of their antics and held your breath at others, you’re going to love this new Buccaneers escapade, THE BUCCANEERS OF ST. FREDERICK ISLAND: THE SPARKLING CAVES

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Linda Maria Frank

Linda Maria Frank


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