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Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords

Tales from the Tarot


Christine Cazaly



Publish Date

October 10, 2022

Short Description

Petronella of the Falcons is the reluctant Queen of dying Epera. When her failure to provide the expected heir leads to harsh consequences, she's offered help from an unexpected source that leads to the uncovering of an old and deadly secret.

As Petronella confronts the truth, she's soon faced with a terrible dilemma. She has the power to save her kingdom, but the price might be more than she can bear.


Queen of Swords is the first novel in the adult fantasy fiction series, Tales from the Tarot.


The Winner

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When the bookish and unassuming Queen Petronella of Epera fails in her only duty - to provide an heir to her dying kingdom - she's forced to leave her cloistered life, and seek help from an unlikely source.


Pursued by soldiers ordered to drag her to her death and reliant on her own resources, Petronella embarks on a perilous journey to Oceanis, a land of forbidden magic and seductive temptation. What she discovers there challenges everything she knows about her life.


As time runs out and the two nations descend into the tragedy of a bitter conflict, Petronella faces her own destiny and finds herself confronted by a heart-wrenching dilemma. Only she can save her kingdom and claim her crown, but the price may be more than she can bear.


Queen of Swords is the first in a standalone adult fantasy series, Tales from the Tarot.

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Christine Cazaly

Christine Cazaly


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