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Christine Cazaly

About The Author

I'm a long standing Tarot Reader, Ballroom Dance Teacher and I've recently fulfilled my childhood dream of becoming an author.

I live in a semi rural village in West Yorkshire, England, surrounded by moorland, muddy forests and my gorgeous husband, one demanding but adorable dog, and two rescue cats, one of whom is deaf.


I love reading, so I was delighted when ebooks became a thing and I didn't have to clutter my entire house with dust gathering paperbacks. So now I just have an Ipad that is cluttered instead. Hey Ho.


As far as writing is concerned, I made a decision during Covid lockdown to not work 6 days per week in my Ballroom dance school. Much as I still adore teaching, cutting those hours meant I could claim a big part of my life back, including time for seeing my husband, and friends and writing. My standalone series Tales from the Tarot is the result and my inner six year old, who is never far away, is very pleased indeed.

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Christine Cazaly


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