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Prophetic Writings

Prophetic Writings


Dr. Camella Cooke


Religious, Fiction, Poetry

Publish Date

November 10, 2020

Short Description

Prophetic Writings is designed specifically for the person yearning to drown out the voices of a society with the voice of God, Prophetic Writings is a culmination of spiritual rhetoric, powerfully written for today’s anxiety-driven world. This catalog embeds segments of wisdom and concepts of the heart—a reader is guaranteed to obtain the tools necessary to reveal God’s plan for their life. Purchase a copy today to begin your personal journey to Revelation.


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Prophetic Writings is a book of knowledge that was birthed from the revelation of God’s Word. God is speaking to you, are you listening? Do you truly have an ear to hear what the Spirit of God is saying to the Church? In this book, God is speaking to the minds and hearts of those who will hear His voice and yield to His instructions. Reading this book may cause you to laugh; it will pierce your heart, challenge your thinking, and change your destiny if you allow it too. Prophetic Writings has the answer that addresses any situation you are going through and can lead you into the direction for making right choices. Allow God to touch you through reading this book, but it’s up to you to step forward and make the change.

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Dr. Camella Cooke

Dr. Camella Cooke


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