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Dr. Camella Cooke

About The Author

Dr. Camella Cooke is an expert in the area of religious inspiration and motivation. Dr. Cooke is a native of Hampton, Virginia, and is happily married to Deacon Dirik B. Cooke. Dr. Cooke began a radio broadcasting ministry entitled “God’s Spoken Word” for WTJZ, where she taught and counseled thousands. Dr. Cooke’s experiences include working for the 700 clubs in Virginia Beach for 10 years as a musician, worship leader, and prayer counselor. In 1994, Dr. Cooke accepted her call into the ministry and in 1996 she produced her first demo entitled, “He’s Coming back Again”. Most of the “Prophetic Writings” came as a result of meditating, studying the word, going and coming out of storms, and spending time in God’s presence.

Dr. Camella Cooke


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