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Oranges for Miranda

Oranges for Miranda


Annette Bower


Fiction, Contemporary, Romance

Publish Date

July 15, 2021

Short Description

Miranda Porter leaves her award-winning realtor trophies and flies to the Portuguese Algarve. She wanders the cobblestone streets and digs her feet into the sand, searching for who she is in retirement. Being without a plan is strange and frightening. Yet, Renato Monterio is drawn to her. So together, they weave their way into a possible new life.


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Miranda Porter, an award-winning businesswoman, leaves home to transition into retirement. Always in control, this is her time to have fun without plans and responsibilities. Enter Renato Monteiro, a considerate Portuguese tour guide with secrets. Miranda isn’t looking for a long-term relationship. Could her senses be finding love in this unlikely place? Can a vacation romance survive the distance?

Renato Monteiro has decisions to make. Stay in his birth country where his female relatives want him to marry a young woman who can give him children. Or does he return to his second home, where he has a purpose and has built a life without children? The day Miranda and he bumped heads changes his perspective and his pursuit. Now he must decide which is most important--the family he was born into or the family he chooses.

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Annette Bower

Annette Bower


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